my allthetine

Happy Valentine's day! I have always been particularly fond of this holiday, being that it's a perfect excuse for me to be pink and girly, drawing hearts all over everything, and using my elementary level of arts and craft skills to create little love notes. So I hope everyone has had a blessed day celebrating love, keeping in mind where true Love comes from. 

I had a fantastic valentine's weekend in New Orleans with Mr. Walter Daniel Jackson. This post is dedicated to detailing our weekend together. *Disclaimer: this is my one chance of the year to be mushy... so read at your own discretion. :)*

Firstly, I went into New Orleans on Friday night, and it was "my night" to celebrate. So I cooked for him. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of steak, salad, mac and cheese, and homemade dinner rolls, following our appetizer of homemade salsa with chips. It was jummmby! 

We spent Saturday together, and that night was "his night" to take me on a valentine's date. So he took me out to eat pho! It was soooo good (and inexpensive). I have a feeling we will be visiting this place again! Quickly after dinner we saw Gnomeo and Juliet at the theatre... cute! It was a very pho-n date with a super pho-ny boyfriend... pho sure! :) 

Daniel led worship at LaPlace on Sunday morning, and Brother Paul preached a very good message. We were blessed. Afterwards a sweet couple from church took us out on a "double date" at a swank restaurant... we had SO MUCH FOOD! But it was deeeelicious, and we were thankful to God for providing our daily bread through this sweet couple. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in New Orleans relaxing, taking a walk, NOT eating anything else, etc. :)

Two weeks was a long time to go without seeing Mr. Jackson. But I was so blessed by the weekend we had. I look forward to the next time we get to spend together. I am thankful that God has blessed me with such a godly man, who "just so happens" to be the sweetest allthetine I could ever imagine. :) 

"... the greatest of these... LOVE." 


  1. THanks for the mush alert, but it was under control! I am glad that you got to spend the weekend with Daniel!

  2. y'all are stinkin' precious! :)
    (and i loved the "pho-ny" jokes!!)