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I have not been a faithful blogger as of late. Things have been very busy... which leaves me with so much to update! :) Here's a brief post-finals review for your reading enjoyment. 

Firstly, I celebrated the 24th birthday of my sweet WDJ. I took him on a surprise date, which included an Italian dinner at Slice Pizzeria on Magazine Street, followed by a cup of yummy ice cream at the Creole Creamery. We laughed so much and enjoyed each other's company on the beautiful May evening. He's nice. :) 

24th birthday date night

This is the first summertime that I haven't done international missions... and honestly, it's a strange feeling. However, I feel like this is exactly where God wants me to be. And I've super enjoyed the free time that Daniel and I have been able to spend together. Here's a glimpse of our park visit:

afternoon in the park

Here's my sweet little Avery on the last day I picked her up. It was a bitter sweet day: I am so blessed to have Nick and Avery in my life, but I am sad that it's time for them to move on to another school and the next phase of their lives. I pray that I was faithful to represent Christ to them over these past two years. I love them both so much. I feel like this sweet little brown-haired cutie is my 4th little sister... and I am so thankful to God for her. Hopefully, should the Lord give me a special wedding day sometime in the future, this little lady will be a part of it! :)

date with Avery!

Speaking of sisters... MY LITTLE MEGGIE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!! :) I was so proud to see her all "grown up" in her cap and gown, looking back to only three years ago when I made the same step, and excited for the next few ahead for her. I pray that the Lord would reveal Himself to her in a very real way. I am so proud of my beautiful Meg! :) BONUS: going to see her graduation was also an opportunity to see my bab.. well, not-so-baby sisters, Emily Michelle and Hannah Marie. I cannot believe how grown up [TALL!] they are getting. I am sad when I see them, because I realize how much of their lives I am missing. I pray that they know my love, though from a distance. I pray that they would know the true Love, too. Here... please allow me to show them off... :)

Mommy with her girls :)

After returning to BR, my precious friend Becca Sloane CAMPBELL was married!!! :) Here are a few pics from her sweet, summertime wedding. Love you, Becca!
cute wedding date
beautiful bride

Later, I was part of a special group that celebrated the 22nd birthday of Christopher Mott. :) We had a BLAST! I am so blessed to have this friend in my life. He will be greatly missed come August, so I need to spend all the time with him I can over these next few months. Happy Birthday, Chris!
with our Chris Mott name tags! hehehe

And now, as I sit here and write this blog post, I am at my Grandma and Grandpa's house in Florida with my cousins, spending time with people I love, wanting to live out the Gospel: in service, in Love. Here are a few photo-updates from our first day here... we have had a blast so far. Look forward to spending more time with Grandma tomorrow. :)

with Zack and Brett in the airport!
swimming with Brett and Papa
trivial pursuit: we are obviously NOT geniuses... lol

And here are a few pics from the in-between:

my cousin Zack, batboy for the Zephyr's!

at a Zephyr's game!
cool flower in Spanish Town 
our first BR farmer's market experience!
after church eating crew
pretty friends! :)

Thanks to Ann Voskamp, I have been joining with many others and counting my blessings day by day. Focusing on God's blessings reminds me of His faithfulness, and it also fills my heart and mind with His joy. Here are a few of the gifts from His heart I have seen this month:

1. Beach towels in the summertime
2. 1 year, 9 months
3. sweet conversation with Ms. Julie
4. my little Avery growing up
5. pointless errands
6. time to relax with my roomies
7. birthdays: evidence of God's grace
8. a full house :)
9. midnight finger blasting in the dark
10. deep washing by a heavy rainfall
11. sweet reunions with my beloved family group
12. afternoon peeping sun
13. His mercies are new every morning
14. beautiful bird melody
15. laughing times with D
16. warm embraces
17. Saturday morning cup of joe and daily dose of the Word
18. summertime cucumbers and tomatoes
19. cousin visits
20. a happy, newly engaged couple, Mr. Zack Lofton and Miss Kelsey Selene Gober, soon-to-be Lofton. :)

I am thankful. Lord, please help me to see and meditate on Your goodness daily

"If you are not striving for intimacy with Christ nor trusting Him fully, you will be swayed."
-Kevin Whitfield

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