happy birthday, D!

May 13th is one of my favorite days of the year, because it is the day we celebrate the birth of my sweet Daniel. I know this blog post is a little late, but I couldn't resist posting a "happy birthday" post for the best man I know.

This May, my fiancĂ© turned 25 -- that's a quarter of a century old! I can hardly believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating his 24th birthday in uptown New Orleans (see pics below). And now here we are, celebrating 25 wonderful years of life, and thankful for every day more that God gives us. 

side note: look how young D looks without the facial hair!
This year's birthday was wedged between some VERY important celebrations. On May 12th we celebrated his seminary graduation, and on his birthday, May 13th, we also celebrated our lovely moms. The weekend was full, to say the least, and so were our tummies! But I couldn't resist making a birthday cake for the full stuffed birthday boy. And I made it wedding cake flavored... you know, to get ready for the upcoming nuptials! :)

Excited for his birthday/graduation gift from his bride-to-be!
This is supposed to be "two" and "five" with one in the middle to grow on.
Don't be fooled... he was stuffed before the cake! :)
I love you, Daniel Jackson. Happy 25 years of life... excited to spend this 26th year of your life as your wife, and to celebrate all of the birthdays the Lord gives us together! 


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