happy first Scottiversary to us!

Today marks one year that we've lived in Scotland. Woah.

This time last year, we were arriving to Edinburgh, 4 suitcases + 4 carryons  + 2 deer-in-the-headlights looks alighting the train at Edinburgh Waverley, [unsuccessfully] trying to roll our bags across the bumpy stones, exiting onto Princes Street with all bags in tow, only to be told we needed to go back through the station and exit at the opposite side (Market Street) to find a taxi. If ever there were two people who stood out as newbs, WE were those people that day. 

Boy did we learn a lot in the 365 days following that one. 

Special shout-out to my adventure partner D$, who has made even the
tough times of our first year in Scotland some of our best times yet.
Love you my hubsby! 

Moving abroad changes you. Really, ANY move changes you. I think it shapes and develops your character, your endurance, and most certainly your patience! Both times I've moved I'm certain God used it as a way to show me that he always provides for our needs. So often I seem to forget how faithful he is. But he shows himself true to his promises every single time. 

Here are a few of my favorite, unexpected gifts from this past year in Edinburgh: 

- the amazing New College community that welcomed us with open arms
- two adorable Hewitt children that stole my heart (and now a third!)
- being able to practice Spanish with students from Spain to whom I teach English. :)
- all of our amazing, fun, out-of-town guests
- ... and so much more. This list could go on and on.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to live in Edinburgh. The first year flew by, so I know I'll need to cherish and enjoy every minute of our remaining time here. Don't forget to come visit... you know you'll have a place to stay! :)

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