I've finally given in.

Just so you know, it took me months to come up with a blog title.

I knew this day would come. The day when I make my first blog post and become "official." (I'm excited, in a nerdy way.) I am definitely a blog-stalker, so I have just been waiting for the right time to start a blog. I think now is good. : )

Well, I'm going to Mexico. And then Peru. And then Haiti. Within 4.5 months. And I couldn't be more thrilled! 

The Mexico trip is with our BCM at LSU. I have been before, so I am mainly excited about re-visiting the relationships that were built back in 2007. Our trip is to Monclova, Mexico (about 4 hours south of the border, I think...) over spring break (April 3-10). I'm also excited to use and practice my Spanish. 

Next is Peru: this trip is from May 11-May 30 with the IMB. 3 weeks of beautiful Peruvian people in the mountains outside of Lima. The Lord has closed and opened many doors regarding this trip, and I know that this is going to be an incredible time of service. I am antsy to meet the team (if I have one...?) and to show Christ's love to sweet Peruvian children. eeee!! I hope to practice more Spanish here, too!

In-between: VBS with Swartz (June 1-5), Jess and Joe's WEDDING! (June 13), birthday (June 21), CROSS CAMP, BABY!! (July 13-25), and probably helping mom at work. Then...

Haiti! July 27 - August 5, with an amazing team: Brandon Broussard, Garrison Griffith, Jess Williamson, Sydney Lengefeld, and Annie Rainwater. It's going to be phenomenal. 10 days in the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Can't wait to see the things God does through this trip, too. No Spanish here, though -- Haitian Creole is their native tongue. Looks like I'll need to brush up on my creole. ha! Bonswa Zamie. 

As I sit here in 509 Evangeline all alone, needing to sleep or do homework, I am thinking of many things I need to do to prepare for these trips:
- pray A LOT!
- send out support letters
- get a Spanish Bible
- buy Chacos! : )
- get immunizations. :/

Guess school will just have to wait. hehehe. : )
Much love... 

*as of 2/26, no more Mexico trip due to drug wars. pum pum... more to come on this soon.*


  1. WOW.. i am pumped about your summer! praise God for Him calling you out and using you for HIS glory! i cannot wait to be your prayer partner, supporter, and teammate :) i love you and your heart for the Lord and for the nations!

    song of the day: yours by steven curtis chapman .. LISTEN!!!

  2. I want chacos too!!! :) I love to see how God is moving in your life, and all the Spanish you will get to use this summer! Love you Bec.

  3. Emily Hernandez3/5/09, 4:00 PM

    Rebecca that's amazing, everywhere you're going and doing! I'll def. be praying for you.

    ...blog-stalking's okay. lol. I do it a bit. I started a blog with blogspot but it kept confusing me so I stick with my xanga. I might start up the blog again though. The last half this comment was pretty irrelevant :)

  4. oh gosh...looks like i have one more friend's blog to stalk! haha ;) oh i love it! and i love you! and i love your heart for the Lord and how you want to serve Him! i am beyond excited about how the Lord will use you between now and then and then each trip and every circumstance, and at cross camp! ahh! brings joy to my heart to see the Lord moving in your life! it's a beautiful thing to see! and you my dear do have beautiful feet! i love you!

  5. YAY!!! I'm so adding you to my favorites so I can be one click away from knowing all about your life.. how exciting!!!!! I love you Bec!

  6. How am I just now discovering that you and Mike are blogging??? Yay! I'm looking forward to stalking you guys! Love you!