finals shminals

Finals get in the way of much more important stuff. For example, if I have to study for finals, I cannot do any of the following fun, necessary things:

1. Get on facebook (even though I do get on after I finish a few chapters)
2. Take a nap
3. Hang out with friends 
4. Start packing my room
5. Peel the Dora the Explorer stickers off my closet door
6. Drive aimlessly around Baton Rouge
7. Go to Wal-Mart to get the rest of my Peru gear
8. Spend a countless numbers of hours lounging around at the BCM 
9. Watch movies with my roomie
10. Clorox-wipe the sink
11. Read books for fun
12. Play 4 square
13. Make cookies (plus, I don't have a good oven)
14. Memorize Spanish songs
15. Recycle the 7 plastic bottles sitting on the desk next to me


However, I did just take a 10 minute break to update the blogger world.
I will now return to my study alcove in my mind..... does that make sense??



  1. 12 and 16 are the ones i miss the most.
    16 of course being the understood "handcuff old ladies to their walkers"...

    stupid finals

  2. bec.. you are so much fun..