10 days

Wow. Praise the Lord for a great sophomore year! Up next: 6.5 weeks in the small hispanic country south of Mexico...


I am so excited for this trip. I am praying that the Lord would prepare me over these next few days for the ministry there that He has already ordained. Please pray with me, that I would be obedient to His Spirit. This time last year I was in Peru. The Lord sure has worked a lot of things out in my life differently than I had expected, but He is good. I'm praying that He'd continue to change me this summer, that I may look more like His Son. Looking forward to seeing that a year from now... Lord willing, of course. :)

Hopefully I will be keeping the blogging world updated while I am in Guatemala. If not, I will give a full detailed report upon my return. Here's a photo of the sweet kiddos I will be working with every day:

They warm my heart already, and I've yet to meet them. I pray that the Lord would use me in their lives to teach their sweet little souls about His Son. Please pray for these 8 children.

So, I've made it home (one of my favorite places in the whole world), and I am beginning to prepare to leave. However, there is MUCH to do before this trip:

- witness the marriage of Hannah Brown and Brian Crian :) :) :)
- watch Sydney and Sara graduate from OPHS!
- play tennis with Annie
- visiting with my sweet friends from Monroe
- see family at my cousin Zack's high school graduation in New Orleans
- celebrate Daniel's birthday
- spend time with the best mom in the world

I'm looking forward to this joyFULL week of preparation and spending time with the people I love. Thank you, Lord, for providing.

He does provide. And I am thankful and blessed. Another thing that He has blessed me with is the opportunity to have lived with 2 of my best friends in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (not world wide web). I am sad that this season has to come to an end. I am SO grateful that I was able to live with these sweet sister-friends of mine, and I know the Lord has knit our hearts together. I will miss these girls over the summer, for sure. And then I will miss my sweet Annie as she goes to McNeese next year. But I pray that the Lord would bless her time there, too. :) Love you, Mary and Annie! SMTY BBY!!!

Ok... time for bed. :) Praying Psalm 67 tonight... May the nations praise You, Oh God.


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  2. tehe. I always love getting shout outs in your blog. They make me feel special. :) And if smty sees this she is going to know that we put "smty bby" everywhere. yay... ;)

    And I am praying for you amiga. For your heart, your experience, your opportunities. I cannot wait to hear your stories from gaut. (gwat) and play tennis with you.

    te amo, hermana!

  3. Becca, your continual joy is such an encouragement to me! Can't wait to hear about your trip... I'll be praying for you!

  4. te estoy orando!!! :) you are WONDERFUL and i miss you already!!!!!!!!!