Bec Bec's Last Week As a Teenager:

When one of my best friends, Mary Wiltse, turned 20, Annie and I made her a list of things she had to do during her last week as a teenager. (for evidence, please refer to her xanga... lol) Well, the tradition has continued! :) And even though I am spending my last teenage week out of the country, I still have a list of things to do. Here's the list Annie and Mary sent me on Monday:

1. Have someone sing you happy birthday in Spanish (and record it).
2. Color a picture.
3. Sing Disney songs and record it.
4. Take a picture near the sink hole.
5. Bring home some ash.
6. Put your whole day's plan into your facebook status.
7. Write a mushy love-letter to your boyfriend (Walter Daniel Jackson).
8. Talk like a teenager (for example, "so um I like went to the store today and um it was like SO hot").
9. Make up a dance to a popular song.
10. Randomly hug 5 people.
11. Wear a ribbon/bow in your hair.
12. Eat birthday cake.
13. Eat dessert before dinner.

**All of these things should be recorded on your blog for all to see. :) We love you!! Happy Birthday!!

A & M

So... you've seen it yourself, and now you get to watch as I try to make all these things happen over the next few days. Here's what I've done so far:

#2: color a picture. I kind of took this a step farther and colored THREE pictures. (It's easy to find coloring books and crayons in a home with 8 children!) So, as you can see, one is Annie, one is Mary, and one is me. hehe

#5: bring home some ash. This is the one I really didn't want to do. When you spend 4 weeks with ash all over the place, you'll know what I mean. It's EVERYWHERE. But, it was on my list, so I did it creatively! :) hehe

#11: wear a ribbon/bow in your hair. Since I am out of the country, I had to improvise here. I just pulled the ribbon off my backpack and used it! But, being with children all day, my bow was at some point transferred to Lidia's hair, and not returned until the evening. :) hehe... I guess I should have known that would happen!

I will continue to update my blog as I complete my list. I am thankful for Annie and Mary, what good friends they are to me, and I love them SOOOO much! :)

ok, that's all for now!

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