These past few days have been interesting/difficult. It's about mid-trip... officially the longest I've been out of the country. :) While this is an exciting thing, it also is a hard part. Last week was SO blessed having the team here, spending time with Diana, and being VERY busy with things to do. But this week is back to "normal," and I'm here by myself again. I do have a lot of translating work to do for Kenneth, but I still miss having some people here with me. Don't get me wrong... I love spending time at the home with the mamas and kiddos, but I guess the transition is just getting me a little. I pray that the Lord would use this time for His glory, and that He would teach me to be dependent on HIM alone.

I miss my friends and family! I am SOOO thankful for skype, and I've been able to keep in touch with them that way. But there's nothing like a hug from the people I love so much! :) I am excited to announce that my mom WILL be meeting me for the last week I am here to do dental work on the children! :) YAY!!! She's bringing an assistant, Ms. Bonnie, with her, and also a friend (that's close to my age), Erica, will be coming! I can hardly wait! But, until then, I will continue to miss and send my love to all you sweet people in my life that love and support me. Yall are the best! :)

Like I said, I miss my mommy. Can't wait until July 2!!

I am still, and always, missing my Peru friends. Being in Guate really reminds me of times in Peru. What a wonderful trip that was! I can't believe it's been well over a year since we were there! I still relate tuna fish sandwiches with Peru. And playing phase 10. :) Love you guys so much!!

Also, I really miss my sweet Jess and lovely Christin. :) They have taught me so much and encouraged me in ways they may never realize. Thanks, you guys! I love you both dearly!!

Of course, I always miss my little sisters. I look forward to seeing them so I can update a picture of all 4 of us! lol. xoxoxo to you three! Pass them on to Daddy and JanJan, too! :)

Spending much time praying for this sweet girl, but I still miss her SOO much! Even though we are halfway around the world from each other, as she is in Niger, I know that the Lord is still using this time to knit our hearts together. What a special friend Hayley is to me! :) miss you!!!

Another friend I am missing is little Normie. :) I miss our random spats/deep conversations. He's been such a good friend to me, and I am thankful for his encouragement!

I cannot post an update without including something about my WONDERFUL sister-friends, Annie and Mary. They know how much I love them. :) Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer. Can't wait to see you guys and eat mexican mess SOON!

And, of course... I REALLY miss Mr. Walter Daniel Jackson. :) tqm!!

That's all for now. :)


  1. i love you and am praying for you!! I hope that things get a better! we miss you here too!

  2. I mish you too, Bec Bec! And that's real exciting that your mommy is coming. I didn't know that!

    love you!

  3. you make my heart smile! thanks for including me in your post! you are such the encouragement to me sweet friend! :) i miss you dearly as well! i'm slacking on my commenting...went home where there is no internet, so i will be back-tracking your posts and commenting! :) i love you and praying for you sweet Bec! those beautiful kiddos will never be the same because of your bold faith to leap to Guatemala! :) what a blessing you are to them and everyone else around you!

  4. love your blog updates, Bec! May you continue to walk and not grow weary. Stay strong. Keep heart, for it is by God's mercy you have this ministry. Praying for you, sweet sister!

  5. Ruth Ann Griggs6/16/10, 10:00 PM

    Hey Bec, I miss you so much and am really looking forward to July 2 and getting that hug you were talking about. Te amo little one!!!