¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Carlitos!

Yesterday we celebrated the 6th birthday of the sweetest boy I’ve ever met: Carlos. Carlos has CP, but the Lord has truly blessed him. He is able to walk, write, eat, etc. by himself, and he does most things that children his age do. He understands SO much, and he communicates well, even though he cannot talk. I am sure that Mary Wiltse needs to come down here for a few weeks and teach everyone Spanish sign language so he can communicate better, but that’s a different story. J Anyways, yesterday we celebrated his birthday, and it brought tears to my eyes several times.
Firstly, all of the children gave him a special message, saying “happy birthday, we love you, God bless you.” It was PRECIOUS! And they all gave him a hug. Here's a photo of Juan José with Carlos...
Secondly, there was a piñata. Of course! Hehe… it was so funny watching them bust it open. They all cheered “carlos, carlos, carlos!” When the candy came out, of course they were all so excited to have some! (not that they needed it… there’s plenty of hyper activeness here.) And then, to top that off, we had a delicious chocolate cake… mmm! But aside from all of the fun birthday activities, I was so blessed seeing the grace and mercy that the Lord has bestowed on Carlos. He is loved SO much, and I know that love comes from our Father. Thank You so much, Lord, for Carlitos.
There are many sweet people that love this happy boy.
I have been so blessed to spend time in this ministry. I had a long conversation with the sweet lady that runs the home, Doña Ruth, and her heart for these precious children that seem to have hopeless lives is SO MUCH like the heart our Father has for us. First we are hopeless, then He reveals Himself, and we have life abundantly… and eternally. AH! What a picture. May I have a heart for the Fatherless, too… those around me that are without hope. May I tell them of where they can find life.
Thank you, Lord. Provider and sustainer. Father to the fatherless.
Please continue to pray for these sweet children and for me.

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  1. I agree, Mary Wiltse does need to teach some spanish sign language. :) Dices Carlos Feliz Cumpleanos por favor??

    I love you and am praying for you sister. AND I miss you!!