best. surprise. EVER!

Ok, I'm about to tell the blogging world what happened today. And it's ok... you don't have to believe it. I can hardly believe it myself! :)

So I woke up (after a pretty restless night, being so excited) ready to see my mommy and her team come into Guatemala for my last week here. I was excited to help her work on some teeth, and I knew it would be a blessed time. So, I got up early, watched Brasil play.. and lose.. to the netherlands. :( And then after breakfast, me and Kenneth and sweet Diana headed to the airport. While we were waiting Kenneth asked me, "do you think that you're mom will bring you a surprise or anything, like a last minute birthday present?" And I said.. "nah, probably not..." ha! Was I in for a treat! My face lit up when I saw her come out of the airport! I missed my sweet mommy so much. I ran to her and hugged her SO big, hardly believing that she was actually in Guatemala with me. I was also so excited that Erica was here, and it was altogether an exciting time. Well, Ms. Bonnie finally came out and hugged me so big for so long. I thought, "wow, that must have been a pretty rough flight." And when she let go and I turned around...

there was Daniel.

I screamed. Not kidding... screamed! I was SO excited. I seriously could not believe that he was standing right in front of me. But, although totally unbelievable, it was real life. :) I hugged him for SO long, and then turned around to find out that EVERYONE around me knew about this for about 2 weeks... even Kenneth and Diana! I don't know how they kept it such a good secret, but I was so impressed! Turns out, Daniel is staying with them.. ha! I feel so blessed by this awesome surprise. As if having my sweet mommy here with me wasn't exciting enough... add an unexpected tagalong that just-so-happens to be my boyfriend, and this is one very overwhelmed, shocked, and JOYFUL girl! :) Thank You, Lord, for this sweet sweet blessing.

We started their time here by grabbing some Wendy's for lunch and watching some of the cup game. We then headed out to the clinics we will be working in to get things set up for work tomorrow, and then we went to the home! I was SO ready for the children to meet my mommy and Daniel. And they immediately fell in love! It was such a sweet time at the home today. We headed back to the hotel around 5, rested a bit, and then met Rebekah, her teammates, and Manuel at Casa Chapina for dinner... que rico! :) So we had a nice night, and now everyone is exhausted and crashing. I am really looking forward to tomorrow.

:) Like I said... you don't have to believe it. I'm still not sure I'm not dreaming!

Please be praying for this team as they are here to work on the teeth of some sweet children and women from the home, and also as we share the Love that Christ has so freely given us with them. Pictures to come soon! Feliz noches! :)


  1. Bec! It is such an encouragement reading your posts and seeing all your pictures. It brings me joy seeing you pour your love and Christ's love into the lives of the children and people around you. I love you sista and I am praying you make the most of and enjoy your last week!

  2. hope you had a great week with everyone! praying for you as you live up your last few moments there! :)