My last week in Guate was SO much fun. Spent a lot of time with the team working in the dental clinic, and also visited more with my sweet friend Amanda. It was a great week. What a beautiful team the Lord put together: and we know it was all orchestrated by His hand, since it was planned so late, but all the little details worked out so perfectly. We worked on so many teeth that week, but we also spent lots of time and poured out our love into the children. I was so glad that my mommy and boyfriend were able to meet the kids that I love with all my heart. Thank You, Father, for You are SO good. Here's a pic of the team (minus Ms. Bonnie... she took the picture) in front of the home:

I also spent a lot of my last week with my sweet, beautiful, chapina friend, Diana. I was so blessed to have her as mi amiguita mejor for the 7 weeks I spent there. What an amazing, godly woman she is... I love her and miss her so much. I miss our late nights, our English/Spanish conversations, our "girls date!," and just spending time together. I am thankful for Diana, and I know the Lord has truly knit our hearts together. I look forward to seeing her again in the future. :)

It's been exactly 3 weeks since I have returned from Guatemala, and I can hardly believe how fast it's gone by. My heart is slowly adjusting, but not a day passes that I don't think of and miss my eight Guatemalan sweeties thousands of miles away from me. I know it's not my time to go and stay now... but I still miss them and wish we could be together. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had this opportunity to GO and live the Gospel with 8 orphaned children that so easily stole my heart. And although I'm hurting that we are apart, I know it's well worth it. I pray that the Lord would unite my path with theirs again. I love those children dearly; I only wish I could say it with words.

I miss...
tutoring and taking walks with Miguel,
singing and practicing English with Amelia
being patient and receiving NUMEROUS hugs from Edwin
playing dolls and doing hand-clapy-games with Lidia
having Carlitos sit in my lap and put together puzzles
holding and loving-on Juan José
listening to Luis Fernando say my name as I throw him in the air
walking around with baby Moises as he smiles with his 4 teeth

these children truly have my heart.

Lord, I pray now for Miguel, Amelia, Edwin, Lidia, Carlos, Juan José, Luis Fernando, and Moises. I thank You for the way I have already seen You at work in their lives: the way You've already redeemed their physical lives. But Lord, I pray that You would please redeem their soul. I pray that in Your time, You would reveal Yourself to these 8 beautiful children, and that they would know You and Your Son. I ask that You would please bless them now... watch over and protect these sweet little ones. Keep evil far from them, oh Lord, and let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in their lives. I pray that You will show them love like they've never known, and that You'd receive all the glory from it. I praise You for being the Father over us all... even the fatherless. You are so good. Thank You for bringing these 8 children into my life and using them to show me Your love and compassion. I thank You for Your mercy in their lives, and I pray for other orphans around the world that may not be in the same situation as the children at HFT. Oh Father, I know that You are sovereign. I pray for peace and comfort for all the fatherless tonight... that they would know You as their Father. Redeem their lives and souls, oh Lord. May all peoples praise You, Oh God.
in Christ's name... amen.


  1. BEAUTIFUL.This made me cry.Continuing to pray for you as you have parted ways with those precious eight sweethearts!I know you miss them terribly.Praying God will comfort you heart and embrace you as you feel homesick from your home in Guatemala.Love You!and your heart for the Nations!Also will continue to pray for all those at Hope For Tomorrow.Te Amo!~Psalm 67

  2. Thanks for continuing to share your adventure even after it has ended. I loved all the posts about your trip. I feel like I know your kids! I am praying for your heart as you continue to adjust. I love you friend, and am so proud of you.

  3. Sweetness...joining you in prayer for the fatherless tonight...thankful to our Father for your life and love for them...