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Hello blog. Yes, it's nice to be back. :)

In light of this season I want to make a few blog posts about some of the things I am thankful to God for. He's been so gracious and faithful in my life, and through thanksgiving comes joy from knowing that He really has been providing for me in ways I may not have even noticed. It is good to give thanks to the Lord. So here's my first one for this week: godly sister-friends.

There really is nothing like a sister-friend. These are the friends that stick closer than a brother. These are the friends that love at all times. These are the friends that sharpen you as iron sharpens iron. I am so thankful to God for His love shown to be through the friendships of these amazing women. There are so many blessed friendships He's provided me with, but here are a few I am especially thankful for: 

My dear friend, Miss Hayley Hollier. Hayley is now studying at RVC (Royal Veterinarian College) in London, England. Since she's moved a portion of my heart has been missing. God blessed me with this special friend over a year ago. I am thankful for the first night of our friendship: driving to home group. I don't think the drive could have been long enough, because we had SO much to talk about!! I am so thankful for this beautiful woman and her loving heart. Thank you, Father, for Hayley.

This little beauty is a new friend as of this semester: my sweet friend Lauren Armstrong. I have been blessed to be a mom/sister/mentor/friend to this amazing daughter of the Lord. She's been a tremendous encouragement in my life. I am so excited to see the Lord's work in her and her willingness to follow Him even to the ends of the earth. I am really looking forward to how He continues to cultivate our relationship. Love her!! Thank you, Father, for Lauren.

Thatianne -- what a SPECIAL friend. Since we first met we have been complete opposites. We don't think/act/look/talk/etc. alike... but we both want to seek the Lord and His kingdom. God graciously knit together our hearts while serving in Peru, and my life will never be the same because of this special friendship. Thati teaches me how to love deeply and care for others. I pray that God would keep us united throughout these next few years of change. I am thankful for our recent visit and pray for more of those! :) Thank you, Father, for Thatianne.

My sweetest Jess... oh how I love Jess so much! Miss Jessica Williamson has been tremendously used by the Lord in my life. As my friend and spiritual mentor in high school, Jess has really shown me God's call for us to forsake ourselves and life for His Kingdom... even if it means leaving what you know. And the best part is that she's shown me this by example. Jess is a walking testimony of God's love, and her strong-willed personality has made her such a great leader and adventurer on trips to bring the Word to the lost and lonely. I pray that the Lord would use me in the lives of others like He used Jess in my life. So grateful, Father, for Jess.

This is my beautiful friend Rebekah Lynn Maltempi. Beka has been such a sweet friend/roomie over the past few years. I like sharing a bathroom, the couch, and life with this sweet lady. I am encouraged by her faith and I LOVE her laugh. So thankful to have her in my life, even at times when our names get confusing! ;) Thank you, God, for BekBekBeka.

This post would not be complete without my two GIRLS!! Mary Elizabeth and Annie Elizabeth... I don't even know what to say. These lovely ladies have been at my side for everything, bad times and good. They are strong women in the Lord and have humble and servant-like hearts. Mary is so compassionate and Annie constantly seeks to show hospitality. What great women to walk beside as we strive to be more like Jesus. I am extremely thankful for these sisters, and I love them both DEARLY. :) Thank you, Father, for Mary and Annie (aka- Yary and Fannie/Mookie). 

There are so many other beautiful women that the Lord has placed in my life, like my cutie pie cousin Erica Nguyen, my little hand-me-down taker Ashley Magee, the lovely Sharon and Christina Hebert, and so many more. God is abundantly good. :) Yes, He is.

It is good to give thanks to the Lord. #GiveThanks

What are you thankful for?

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