GiveThanks 2

In light of the Thanksgiving season I want to continue giving thanks. :) Here's what I am thankful for today:

It has really been a blessed 3.5 years at this school. I am so thankful for God's call on my life to follow His lead to LSU in August 2008. I am grateful that He's been merciful on me in my studies. I praise Him for helping me to learn a second language through this opportunity of an education. While I am sad that this season of life will come to a close in the next few months, I am forever thankful for how God has used this time of my life spent at LSU... using it to transform me more into His image. Praise the Lord.

Here are some of the many blessings that have come from being at LSU:

Freshmen friends: not a coincidence that we lived in three rooms RIGHT next to each other. 

Mike the Tiger: el famoso tigre de la universidad... the only cat I love.

Mission trips: the work done for the kingdom and the bonds formed by the Spirit.

LSU has taught me:

how to be responsible in a home away from Mom.

The importance of Bible Study as a daily part of our lives, and the importance of family (groups).

How to nanny four beautiful girls that were such a blessing.

How to study. (this one took a little longer than some of the others)

How to get a passport expedited when you accidentally shipped it off to be renewed the week before the Mexico mission trip. Yeah... 

How to love the nations deeply.

I've had fun at LSU, because:

Louisiana Saturday Nights in TIGER STADIUM. :) 

Johnny's FINALLY made it's way to Baton Rouge.

Death valley and the fighting tigers

These are just a few ways the Lord has blessed me during my time at LSU. I give thanks and praise to Him for His mercy in these ways. A few other blessings include:
1. Crosspoint Baptist Church and my home group there.
2. Special friendships made in this phase of life that will never be forgotten (see past post).
3. Knowledgeable professors
4. Flexible jobs 
5. Lunch dates
6. and so much more...

Ann Voskamp has written a book called "One Thousand Gifts." I read her blog regularly and just purchased her book so I can begin counting my blessings along with several other brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. It's amazing... as I am giving thanks in light of the holiday I am realizing how God has been so faithful in every way. I praise Him. May all glory and power be unto His name. Grace and peace.


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