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November 12, 2011 -- the day my mom became a Nguyen

About two years ago my mom traveled to Jerusalem with her church on a two week long pilgrimage. One of her teammates (whom she hadn't yet met) was Mr. Thai Nguyen, a professor in the local area and a fellow member of her church. To sum it all up, what happened in Jerusalem didn't stay in Jerusalem! :) My mom and Thai met... and then almost EXACTLY two years later the good Lord brought them together in marriage. 

Wedding weekend was a blessed BLAST! It was full to the brim of to-do lists and "organized" chaos. Somehow every little detail worked out perfectly and the wedding couldn't have been any more perfect. I was so thankful to see loved family members at the wedding, including my aunts, cousin, and BEAUTIFUL sister Meghan Elizabeth. My mom looked gorgeous... I mean, look how she rocks that dress! What a natural beauty she is. And I am so thankful to God for Thai. He has really been such a blessing to my mom over the past few years, and I thank God for sending her someone to lead her in a Christ-like way, following the lead of the Spirit. Praise the Lord! I pray blessings on their marriage and upcoming decisions as the Lord guides their path. Here are a few pics from the special weekend:

The wedding weekend passed by so quickly! I wish I could have video-taped the whole thing to watch over again, because I know there were so many special things I totally missed. However, as we prepare for yet another wedding in the upcoming future (date TBA), I am reminded that it's not about the little details of wedding planning. Though they are fun, they will come and go. But it's the marriage that needs preparation, wisdom from the Word, and fuel from the Spirit. I pray that God would help D and me to prepare spiritually for the upcoming life we will share together. 

But at the same time, at least we are pretty fresh when it comes to wedding planning! ;)

Congratulations Mamita and Thai! I love you guys!!

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  1. Thank you Rebecca! It was a blessed time and I cherish all the memories made with family and friends and with my new husband. Thanks for being Rebecca and for sharing in our joy from the Lord!
    I love you,