"If I could sum up this entire semester in one word, I would (without hesitation) choose the word PLANNING."

I think I've made this statement to about 30 people in the past week... and it's so true! Planning, planning, and more planning is what my days are full of. It's either wedding planning or lesson planning, and in both cases I'm typically behind trying to catch up. 

And I love it. :)

However, this planning period has resulted in blog negligence, which does not help my (few, if any) readers stay up-to-date on student teaching and wedding details... so let me try to fill you in. Let's start with student teaching. 

My student teaching semester has been such a blessing. God blessed me with a great mentor teacher and some fun Spanish students, and I've learned so much being in the classroom all day long, 5 days a week. It's hard to believe that 10 full weeks have already been completed (333 hours, y'all), and I only lack one month until the end of this special season in my teaching career. And then... GRADUATION! It's been a really great semester.

Engagement pics taken by the lovely Claire Elyse Photography can be found here, and save-the-dates go in the mail soon. Wedding website has finally been completed, too! Nine lovely ladies from CrossPoint, led by Mrs. Meagan Jenkins, threw me a beautiful bridal shower this past Sunday for which I am so thankful. And more plans are soon to be made as I go home for Easter break. :)

I had my first "official" job interview with a school district and am antsy to hear back from them. D and I went to visit Baltimore, MD about two weekends ago, and we are now in the process of making plans to move there, following the lead of the Spirit. We don't know all the details about this, either, but we definitely are excited for whatever God's planned for the future.

I think that's a good place to start for the "catch-up." I'll try to be back soon for pics of student teaching and wedding planning. :)

grace and peace

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