the countdown continues

Photo by Claire Elyse Photography

100 more days! 

I can hardly believe the time has passed so quickly. It feels like just yesterday THIS was happening, and now all-of-the-sudden, we have a little over three months to do a WHOLE lot of planning and preparation for marriage. I want to soak in everything special that happens in these next 100 days as we look forward to how our lives change on July 14th, when the Lord unites us as one. 

On a side note, I recently re-discovered my 5th grade social studies fair project, in which I researched the history of dentistry (typical dentist's child, I know). I particularly liked the smiley-face boarder and the "cavity monster." Such creativity at such a young age... ;) hehehe!

More life updates to come soon.
grace & peace.

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  1. I totally remember this project!! and I remember always laughing at the girl on the top of the poster! Good job Bec you studious girl!