that's two!

Thanks to my lovely sister Meghan Elizabeth, I've become a HUGE fan of the two cutie pies at the end of this video: 

Ask anyone: my roommates, Daniel, my students... my newest and most often-quoted phrase is "that's TWO!" Then of course you have to add to that phrase by saying, "two plus two... equals FIVE!" SO STINKING CUTE! Although I feel *slightly* bad for these poor children, the last two really bring a smile to my face. You sneaky little mom! 

But speaking of two, today my lovely wedding countdown told me that there are two months, two weeks, and two days left until the (greatest) day ever, July 14, 2012. That's TWO! :) 

And on this same subject of "two," Daniel will become an NOBTS graduate in only TWO short weeks, followed by his birthday the very next day. We will be celebrating TWO events on that weekend, and TWO people on his birthday... our moms! Can't believe he's already graduating. Sorry for the mushy sentiments, but it seriously seems like only yesterday he was moving into the dorm on campus to start his first semester as a graduate student. I'm so proud of how far he's made it in school, and I am thankful to see his example of hard work and dedication to both his education and his spiritual life. This challenges and encourages me, and I am greatly looking forward to supporting him throughout his next and (almost) final phase of his education... although I know he'll never stop learning! :)

Speaking of graduating, I am a soon-to-be alumni of Louisiana State University, officially holding a Bachelor's of Art in Spanish on Friday, May 18th at 4:30PM. I'm super excited! (well, not so much for the ceremony... but for the finished-with-school-for-now part). LSU has been good to me, and my time as a student here has been some of the best years of my life. However, I am joyously anticipating this next phase in life with my hubby-to-be as we begin our great adventure! (Still looking for a Spanish teaching job in Baltimore -- prayers welcomed and appreciated.)

Hope this post wasn't too boring... If so, just watch the video again! :) 

grace and peace

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