San Antonio = Super Awesome

Our amazing team from the BCM is currently in San Antonio, Texas serving over our spring break. WE ARE HAVING A BLAST! Here's a list of our team members:

Annie Rainwater, Tara Hammett, Vallie Hammett, Kaylee Couvillion, Katie Root, Melissa Johnson, Catherine Ashe, Shannon Rutherford, Chris Mott, Ryan Young, Joel Jenkins, Emmett Brown, Walter Rutherford, and Michael Young

Here's some of the things we have done since we have been here:
- Ate a passover meal with Messianic Jews
- Cleaned up a completely burnt down home
- Took spiritual surveys at UTSA with hundreds of college students
- Painted a fence
- Pulled weeds in flower beds
- Prayer walked. beautiful.
- ate lots and lots of food
- SERVED lots and lots of food: at the Manna Mission homeless food-center
- Met a variety of really interesting people
- Toured the Alamo

We are currently visiting with some neighbors. I love community. I will update more when I return and have normal-working internet. : )

I love Jesus and the things He teaches me.


  1. Sweet! So glad to see an update! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow1

  2. awesome .... makes my heart happy to hear of the great things the Lord has done and is doing through you!