Update from Bec via Mike

Hola from Peru!
This is Michael updating for Bec.
She is having an amazing time in Peru. Hiking much, and loving the beautiful people there... especially the children. Spanish is improving, but the Lord is speaking in ways unimaginable. The team is having a retreat for the town Saturday, so please be in prayer that the Lord moves in BIG ways.
Bec wants you to know that there is a little girl that she wants to bring home. Surprised? I´m not... lol.
Also... she tried sheep. ha!


  1. Yay for updates! Praying for you!

  2. sheep?!? mmm yummy! haha! praying for you sweet friend!

  3. i am missing you too friend!
    thanks for the text about phil this AM...it is one of my favorite live cds..i think good ol' matthew james told me about it last summer.

    also newks/jason deli are my new favs.

    i am mucho excited about seeing you this weekend!!!! :)

  4. PS i am ready to hear some peruvian stories from my favorite becbec.

    -love hannie