Good Lord willin'

If the passport situation works out, it's possible I may be going to Mexico in four days. I think it hit me this weekend how quickly this trip is approaching. I praise the Lord for Mexico, and I am praying for the people that we will meet there already. Now all I need is a renewed passport, and I'll be on my way to Nueva Rosita to share the Gospel in one of my favorite languages. What a privilege that the Lord is letting me take part in work for His kingdom.

Before then:
- two exams
- two trips to NOLA
- pack
- memorize some scripture in Spanish
- pray, pray, pray

I ask that you, my faithful blog reader, would please pray for our teams and the Mexican people we will be sharing Christ with. It's my prayer that we would be fervent in showing His Son with our words and actions while we are there. I am so thankful for Christ. I want to share with them the richness and fullness of life that is found in His salvation -- by grace and faith.

I would also like to submit that I am so excited about Chris and Hayden Smith's wedding on April 10. I can't hardly wait to see my sweet Peruvian teammates! Praise the Lord! (I also have a sweet date for this wedding... pretty excited about that! ;)

ttg. will update soon on the passport status. thanks for the prayers.


  1. Praying! Wow! Four days? Really praying!
    Love you!

  2. I will be praying as you go, too! Thank you for your obedience and your compassion, Bec, that is very evident to those you meet. I know that it is a blessing to them, and it is definitely a blessing to me. I and many others are looking forward to hearing how the trip goes. May it be a sweet time! I'm praying towards that end.