tengo mucho más español a aprender

Español no está facil para mí. But, I am enjoying this time, learning so much every day. You know, learning a language is a humbling process: as soon as you think you are truly getting the hang of it, you realize how little you know. Back at what seems to be square one. I pray everyday that the Lord, knower of every language in the world (WOW!), would help teach me Spanish. I trust that He will.

Speaking of Spanish, the SB2010 mission trip to Mexico was phe-nomenal (Jon Hale). It was such a blessing to spend the break with the sweet people at Segunda Iglesia Bautista en Nueva Rosita, México. I was originally assigned to lead Bible clubs at first and third Baptist, but the Lord had different plans: for me to TRANSLATE at Segunda. :) So, with a willing heart and nervous tongue, I gladly moved to the small team at Segunda and helped to translate, paint, do Bible clubs, and love the people in all things. Before the trip, I prayed that we would make the most of our time while we were there (Colossians 4), because it was such a quick trip. And let me tell you: WE DID! We worked/played/visited nearly 15 hours every day, and by the end of the trip I was worn out! *this is a good sign* I am thankful for the opportunity to have gone to Nueva Rosita to bring the Gospel to the people there. I pray that the Lord's work will continue there while we are gone... and we'll see if we get an opportunity to return. :)

Sweetie children at Bible clubs stole my little hispanic-lovin' heart.

Mi amigito, Diego.

Thank you, Lord, for México.

I am getting more and more excited about increasing in Spanish knowledge during my 47 day trip to Guatemala this summer. Tickets have been purchased, and now Kenneth Sese and I are ironing out final details for the trip. YAY!! :) I should be able to keep the blogger world updated while I am there, working at Hope4Tomrrow Children's Home. I am praying that the Lord would prepare the way before me.

Lately I have been a little sad that my dear Annie is transferring to McNeese. pum pum... I will miss her! But I am also excited for her new journey. Things just won't be the same without this trio:
I was able to go home for 2 days after Mexico. I was able to see my mom, and I also enjoyed a date with this handsome young lad, who wasn't hesitant to say he was glad I returned from Mexico safely. :)
The semester is wrapping up, and I am looking forward to whatever happens next, wanting to be obedient to the Spirit of the Lord. I'll let you know... :)

chau for now

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  1. Muy bien, Rebecca! Otro buen poste de blog. Quizás podemos practicar el español juntos? Yo espero que podamos. Estoy orando para ti. Adios!