estoy agradecida :)

These past few days have been so great! I am so thankful to the Lord for everything that has gone on this week. A group of five men from Kentucky came in for a week as a construction team. Throughout the week, they have been working on projects around the home, making it more “livable” for the children. While I haven’t been much of a construction help, I have greatly enjoyed getting to know these Godly men and talking with them about the Lord. It has been very encouraging to be around wise men that share the same faith in the same God that I do! I praise the Lord for bringing this team here. Here’s a picture of the crew:
Since a team is in town, I have been able to “get out” a little more. It’s been nice eating with them for lunch every day. And I was also able to go eat dinner with them on Wednesday night. That night, Kenneth and Diana so graciously let me stay with them, and we took the group out to Antigua on Thursday. It was such a nice trip. A few of our activities included: shopping in the market, drinking some Guatemalan coffee, trying on a $12,000 bracelet at the Jade Factory (ha!), getting in trouble for taking pictures inside a museum, a small hike up a hill for a full city-view, a nice dinner, Spanish lessons from Diana, many encouraging and informative conversations, a debate about the Spanish word “Limon,” and much time spent with my new sweet friend, Diana Sese (the wife of Kenneth).

I am very thankful to the Lord for Diana. What a wonderful and beautiful woman she is! She and Kenneth met when he first came to Guatemala, and they have now been married for 7 years. We’ve been able to spend time together every day this week. We’ve talked about SO much. I have heard from her heart, and I am very blessed by our friendship. It’s nice to have a girl here to talk and listen to! I pray that we will have more opportunities over the next month that I am here to spend more time together, and I also pray that during this time the Lord would heal her heart and restore joy in her life. I know that the Lord is the ultimate comfort, and I trust His ability and our inability. Thank You, Father.
Finally, I would like to share a few fun things that have happened at the home this week! With the group being here, things have been pretty… noisy. But, the kids are dealing with it well, and it’s been nice to have some new faces in the home. Despite the changes the children are stilli n school; and, in school this week, the children learned about bakers (panederos). So, they dressed up in bakers’ hats and made some fake dough. It was SO fun! Here are some pictures of the sweeties:

And going right along with the dough subject, I learned how to make tortillas (tortillar) this week! The home’s cook, SeƱora Blanca, taught me how to pat out the tortillas and cook them to perfection. It took a lot of practice (it’s much harder than it looks). But once I got the hang of it, I made a few dozen fresh tortillas! Although they were a little small (chiquititas), they were full of flavor! I can’t wait to teach someone when I come home. Hehe
I am excited for this weekend. Thank You, Father, for a blessed week.


  1. i love love love reading your blog! :) please know i am praying for you as you are serving our Lord.
    i love you, ms beth

  2. teach me how to make tortillas!!