que lindo

So, I've been here in Guatemala for 16 full days, and I have experienced SO much over these past few days. I am going to make a brief list of some of the random things I've experienced while being here:

1. volcano/ash/sinkhole/tropical storm (yes, I pretty much group those all as one big experience)
2. a huge, fancy, lights-and-mirrors church one Sunday
3. a Pentecostal, speaking-in-tongues church another Sunday
4. Antigua
5. manually loading a washing machine with water
6. learning how to be polite in Spanish
7. fuzzy, mold-growing bathroom walls
8. how to open a can with a pocket knife
9. crossing the road by myself on foot (this is a bigger deal than you think... there's TONS of traffic)
10. then finding out that there's actually a pedestrian bridge over the traffic-filled road that could have saved me a lot of fear and time waiting for the stinking cars to pass by

And, while I am having many interesting experiences outside of the home, I am also LOVING the experiences I am having with these children:

1. holding Carlitos and stealing all of his "besitos"
2. reading the Bible every afternoon with Miguel and then discussing it
3. tucking in Lidia and Amelia and praying with them every night
4. coloring with Juan José
5. helping Moises as he learns to walk
6. BIG hugs and LOTS of kisses from Edwin
7. Luis Fernando finally coming to me... after nearly 2 weeks of him running away every time I held out my arms. ha! Here's our first picture together:

The Lord has truly blessed my time here. He is teaching me so much about Himself through spending time with these children. I am reminded EVERY day of His sovereignty and grace when I look at these childrens' lives. I can't say it enough... what a picture their lives are of God's redemption! I am falling more in love with the Lord as I fall more in love with eight sweet Guatemalan children. :) Thank you, Lord, for Miguel, Edwin, Amelia, Lidia, Juan José, Carlos, Luis Fernando, and Moises.

And, just for your viewing pleasure... this picture is very descriptive of each person in it: Señora Martha: very calm and making sure everything is going smoothly. Not mad, not cracking up... just content. Lidia: showing that cute smile and making sure to be in physical contact with whoever is around her. Carlos: Looking at me while sitting in my lap. and Edwin: well... Edwin is just Edwin. (or Norman Elrod) :) What a sweet group!

I hope you have enjoyed this update. I will try to update again soon, as I have time. :) I'm not sure how many people are reading this, but please feel free to comment if you are... it's an encouragement to me to keep updating! :) Thanks for the prayers! love you all!!


  1. thanks for the updates Bec Bec! :) they are fantastic and so excited about all the thing you have experienced and will experience during the rest of your time there! :) love you and praying for you friend!

    p.s.- i have been slacking on blog stalking so i will try harder. :) oh and as soon as i find out when my boards are, i will let you know! :)

  2. pray for you girl


  3. Nice pictures! Great update! Thanks Bec, look forward to hearing more soon.

  4. It is great to see that you are enjoying yourself and learning! I have been praying for you and can't wait to hear more about your journey!

  5. ahhh... what a beautiful picture it brought to my mind when you said you are falling more more in love with the Lord as you come to know and love the sweet children around you :) i know that feeling... and the intimacy is indescribable.

    i love you, sweet bec! and i am so glad you heard the call to GO.

  6. I saw that mold you were talking about. I'm thankful for skype. :) And keep posting, I love to read (and attempt to comment) on your blog. You are an amazing women and i am very thankful to call you my friend. Praying for you!

  7. Just now catching up on several posts! Sounds like an amazing journey! Praying for you this morning - and the sweet children and adults you're ministering to!