wrapping up a great week!

Week 3 at Hope For Tomorrow has been phenomenal! It was a busy week, full of activities, but it has been such a blessed time! I can actually hardly believe I’ve been here for three weeks! I know week 4 is going to be very different, because the team will not be with us; but, I pray that it will be just as blessed as this past week. I pray for more opportunities this week to talk about the Lord.
This week we celebrated the first birthday of sweet baby Moises. Oh, what a precious little baby he is! Here’s a little bit of Moises’ story: he was left on the “side of the road” when he was only days, possibly even hours, old. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like he was sort of “tucked away,” with chances rare that someone would find him. However, he was rescued and brought to a hospital, and not long after he was passed on to Hope For Tomorrow, his new home. He didn’t have a name, so he was named Moises, which translates to Moses in English. And what a perfect name for such a sweet child! Dropped off without much hope. Seemed destined to die. But then rescued and brought into a life full of opportunities. WOW! It’s impossible to not see the Lord’s hand already in the life of this child. It’s my prayer that the Lord would continue to grow baby Moi in His grace, and that he may be a leader for the Lord, just like the man after whom he was named. Here are a few pictures of his first birthday:
Today (Saturday), we had a nice outing with the children. We went to Pollo Campero, the HUGE chicken food-chain here in Guatemala. Their specialty is fried chicken, french-fries, and doughnuts. MMM… part of a nutritious meal, right?! lol. After a nice time out-on-the-town, we came back to the home. Some of the children helped wash the van, and others played on the brand new sensory table that the team built this week. We did a few arts and crafts, too! Here are some pictures from this afternoon:

After a week of service and nice time together, the team said their goodbyes and left. It was such a blessing to have them here! I thank the Lord for those godly men and ask for their safe return home. I played with the children for about an hour more before heading back to my living quarters. For dinner tonight, I made some mac and cheese with canned chicken… it was QUITE a chore! After finally finding a flame with which to light the gas stove, I had to open my canned chicken with fingernail clippers and a butter knife. Haha! I have never before realized my gratitude for a can opener! But it made me all the more thankful for my dinner tonight. The Lord does always provide, even if it’s in ways I wouldn’t expect.
I am really looking forward to tomorrow. It will be my first Sunday with the children. I hope to have a little service with them in the morning and then, weather permitting, go on a afternoon walk. Megan is coming in the later afternoon, and I’m excited about that!
I fall more and more in love with these children every day! Please continue to pray for them, that the Lord would reveal Himself to them.
“I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; yes, Father, for such was Your gracious will.” –Luke 10:21
More updatage to follow. Happy Sunday! Please leave me a comment if you read this… it brings me great joy to know who is reading my blog!


  1. Oh, weather permitting; I see it now. :)
    Hope your day goes well from here, Bec. I enjoyed the update,and I look forward to hearing more soon! Continuing to pray for you and those you are with. Chau para ahora!

  2. Hey Rebecca, You dont know me but I am friends with your Momma.... My name is Tieise Ardito. I actually met your mom on the ACTS retreat this past April (I loved it and didnt want to come home). I will be Teaming with her on the next ladies retreat in October....and I CANT WAIT.. We had lunch together yesterday (and with Rhonda Adams) and she was telling me about you and little Moses so she told me where to come to read your blogs and see the pics !! How awesome you are. I have a dear friend that is a Surgeon that does alot of mission work in Peru and the Dominican Republic. He has ask me to Team with him next year. I am a RN and am looking forward to doing it. His stories and works are much like yours except he does medical clinics/surgeries too...Ruth Ann told me she was doing some dentistry while there!! Love it....
    I enjoyed looking at your photos and videos and of course the receipes..... If you come to monroe, you will have to teach me to make some tortilla's......HAHAHAHA.......Praying for you and your work with those sweet little babies !!!