blogspot, we meet again

Hello, blogging world!

It's been quite some time since my last post. In fact, a whole semester has passed, and the blog still looks the same. It's obviously time for a new post! So here it goes: 2010-2011 winter break overview:

-Watched Erica Kim Nguyen, my dear friend (and prima), graduate from college. :) Congrats, Erica, on being so smart and so stinkin' cute!

-Played the kinnect. (that's an understatement)
-Spent a lot of time with my mommy, mostly enjoying our favorite sushi spot, RawZ.

-Read 2 Francine Rivers' novels.
-Made over 8 dozen cupcakes, of all different shapes, sizes and colors. They were enjoyed (devoured) by many.

-Enjoyed a beautiful and blessed Christmas day with my family and friends.

-Lived with 12 super-fun junior high girls for a weekend at SENT Dnow.
-Got a visit from my sweet sister, Hayley Hollier!
-Anndd spent a lot of time with my favorite boy in the www (whole wide world), Daniel Jackson. :)

This break was greatly welcomed and well received, and now I can hardly believe it's over! I thank God for my beautiful family and friends. I really missed seeing my dad, stepmom, and sweet sisters over the break, but I look forward to seeing them soon! :) *Side note: Meghan turns 18 tomorrow... AHH!!*

The Lord has truly blessed me. I am really looking forward to some things throughout this next semester:
- spending time with my sweet roomies and friends
- new professors, classes, and a LOT more Spanish
- observing at a new school
- Bible study
- spring break! :)
- and whatever else the Lord brings this way.

It is my prayer that we would be faithful to Him in all things, because He NEVER forsakes us. :) PTL!

grace and peace.


  1. you just so cute ;)
    I sure do love you and your pretty face and getting to see you and reading your lovely update =)

  2. Finally!!!! I hardly have any friend on blogspot... now I can feel included!

  3. that stir fry sure looks yummy!!! maybe we can all cook it together some time:) I'm excited about this next semester and spending time with you!!!!!!

  4. Bec Bec...your hair is sooo LONG! beautiful!