GiveThanks 3

This week has been blessed, but it's also been EXTREMELY BUSY! I have wanted to blog every day this week as a testament to how God has been faithful in my life in all the things I am thankful for. Should time permit, I will continue to update with many thanksgivings.

Today I want to write about how thankful I am for my family: old and new, near and far, present and futuristic. :)

God has been so gracious to me from the very beginning. Clearly I had no choice in which family I would be born into before I entered this world. But even if I had, I couldn't have chosen a better family. God knew exactly what I needed when He brought me here, and I am so thankful for every single member of my family. I've heard this cute quote, and I think it applies perfectly to my family...

"My family: so many nuts we make a party mix!"

Here's a little glimpse of the beautiful people that make my heart overflow with love:

Conway cousins... there's just nothing like this crew. I love them so much!

My gorgeous sisters: Emily Michelle and Meghan Elizabeth pictured above, and Hannah Marie pictured below. Emily has recently been my wedding planner, and I am so glad to have her help! Meg is my co-college dominator, and Hannie calls me frequently to tell me how much she LOVES LSU! :) Now those are some girls after my own heart! hehe... love them!

My wonderful grandparents: thankful for the years I had with Grandma Connie (pictured above). Love Papa Frank dearly and how he took such good care of her. Also love my cousins Zack and Brett (Cuh Cuhh and Boat!)... we had such a great time visiting Grams. 

Below are my Grandma Mary and Papa Ted, with my 3 other Griggs cousins. :) I love to visit "the old man on the hill" and spend time with my sweet grandparents that love deeply. So thankful for them in my life all these years... for their love, care, and unending support.

And here are my Mema and Papa. I love these two so much!!! Thankful for Papa's tender care and teatime with Mema as she told me stories. I have truly been blessed with wonderful grandparents.

 Blog, meet mom and Thai. Mom and Thai, meet blog. I LOVE these two. I love them together so so much. I am so thankful that the Lord (recently) brought them together in marriage. I am thankful that God has graciously provided a sweet husband for my mom that cares for her better than anyone I could have hand-picked myself! :) And I am so thankful for a new stepdad that is so caring and willing to be involved in my life. Love you guys!!!

Along with a new stepdad came SEVERAL new cousins!!! I am especially blessed by this one: mi prima bonita Miss Erica Nguyen! I love her dearly and am so thankful to have her as a cousin, but also as a close friend. I pray that God would help us to encourage one another's faith and we grow in Him.

Above you see pictured one of the cutest baby girls that has ever walked this earth: Miss Molly Marie Jefcoat. Yes, she is a part of my *future* family. I am a proud *future* aunt Bec to this beautiful little girl. I love her and her mom and dad so so so much!!! :) I am also soon to inherit an outgoing and handsome nephew, Jackson... but we will have to take a picture next time we're together! :) Maybe he'll call me Aunt Bec too. :) I want to be the aunt that spoils... don't tell my *future* sisters. :)

And here is one good-looking wedding party. I love all the people in this photo.

This is honestly just a small glimpse of a large and full-o-love family. I am so thankful for my Dad and stepmom Jana. I am blessed to have them in my life for so many reasons. I wish I could see them more often... but it makes the times we are together that much more sweet. I am also thankful for my beautiful aunts and uncles (Phil, Paul, Deanna, Rita, Pat, Brenda, Renee, Dave, Julie, Rich, Donna, Jerry, Sarah, Craig, DeeDee, Wayne, Twin, Sharon, Butta, Truyen, Loan, Tony, Lin, Lee, and probably others I am forgetting). God has really blessed me with a large family. I pray that they will all know the Lord and live by His strength. I pray that God would unite our family and tie us together in love. That He would transform this family to do His will and work for His Kingdom. 

As for my future family... :) kee! I am so blessed to be a future part. Excited to be an "official" part of the Jackson clan, too!! 

Thank you, Lord, for your grace and mercy shown through family. May we love as You've loved us.


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  1. hey becbec! i enjoyed reading your thankful posts! :) love, hannie