2014… you're gonna be a good one

I am not typically the one to follow the new year's resolution "trend." I honestly can't really think of any  year that I've ever made a real resolution. But as I was looking at my ONE (just one) blog post for the whole year of 2013, I thought maybe it was time I made a resolution to blog more regularly. (Don't hold me to this resolution… it was just a brief thought I had.) :)

2013 was a very interesting year. It started off rough, but the Lord answered our prayers and provided us with some lovely Maryland friends. When we realized that "our plan" wasn't exactly what God wanted for us in 2013, He also provided us with great contentment, peace and joy during that time. We officially were married one year on July 14, 2013, and by God's grace we continue to love each other more every day. I started my second year of teaching, which has, as many said, been MUCH BETTER than the first year. We spent a lovely Thanksgiving hosting the Jackson's in Baltimore, and traveled to Chicago to spend Christmas with the Nguyen's to end the year with family. 

With that being said, we look forward with great anticipation this year of 2014. We are excited to see where the Lord leads us and how He guides our steps. We are thankful for His grace and love, and we want to show it to those around us. 

May your 2014 be blessed. :)

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