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As I look back on the work that the Lord has done in my life and His sovereign grace over every moment I've been on this earth, I have nothing but gratitude. Even in reading the Old Testament, the picture of His divine redemption has been on the forefront of His plan since the beginning. It's awesome (yes, awesome) to see it unfold in the Bible through the stories of Abraham, the twelve sons of Jacob, the story of Moses, the story of Ruth, David and his kingdom, Soloman and his wisdom, down through the prophets and all the way to Christ. But it doesn't end there! Then God graciously uses US as part of this plan... and I am so thankful to look back and see the ways that God has used little ole me in this Big Picture. I am humbled. I am thankful.

In these past 3.5 years of college the Lord has used many experiences to shape and mold my spiritual life into what it is today. One of the main ways He's done that is through missions. He's given me so many opportunities to serve overseas in my college career, and I encourage anyone who is hearing the call to Go... ANSWER it! :) It's SO worth it and it will change your life forever. If you are seeking guidance concerning missions, check out this website: TheTask

Here are a few of the places the Lord has brought me over the past few years:

Attempted group picture, SB2009 -- San Antonio, Texas

Ministry of the Word, Summer 2009 -- Recuay, Peru

Displaying God's love through actions, Summer 2009 -- Passe Catabois, Haiti

Rebuilding Hope, SB2010 -- Nueva Rosita, Mexico

"Pure and undefiled religion... to care for the orphans and widows in their distress..."

LOVE these children with all my heart

Summer 2010

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Capesino de NiƱos... complete sovereignty of God, Summer 2011 -- Quito, Ecuador

Thank You, Father, for the opportunities to serve You and further Your kingdom in the nations. Please continue to call workers into Your harvest fields. So thankful for your sovereignty over the nations... help us to love like You love.


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